The Best Places For Getting Free Traffic To Your Web Page

If you have an online presence, you know the value of site traffic. Without traffic, there are no customers, and without customers, there is no profit. Site traffic increases your exposure as well as the potential for backlinks from interested visitors. As a result, your site will could make a better showing on search engines with more people sharing your links. You will also benefit from an increase in customers and profit.

Driving free traffic to your site requires a little know-how and some effort.

The social media world is a huge traffic-generating resource, and Facebook is the leader of the pack. Facebook works by linking people to their friends and enabling online conversations. You post information for your Facebook friends to see, and they do the same. Others can view what you say if you grant them access. By allowing a wide viewership of your posts, you enable others to view and share your links and posts with their friend lists. If you maintain an interactive Facebook presence, the items you post could potentially reach a nearly unlimited audience. Working your Facebook base by giving friends interesting information will help establish you as someone to be heard and potentially increase your traffic.

A social site that also garners a lot of attention is Twitter. The Twitter craze continues to expand. Twitter offers a platform for fans to mingle with their idols. You also have the ability to let people know about product promotions, giveaways, and more. There are millions of users who are all potential customers. The process of using Twitter is relatively simple. Each tweet delivered by a user is visible to that user’s followers. If a follower retweets or reposts that remark, it is visible to that person’s followers as well. This helps get you noticed even more.

Social bookmarking sites are another means of obtaining free traffic. They are not as effective at generating traffic as Twitter and Facebook, but they do get some results. The basics of most social bookmarking sites involves enrolling in a membership and leaving a URL if desired. You then add links to the site based on interesting things you find on the web. Of course, you will post your own sites as well, tagging them wisely for maximum search potential. Other people will be able to find your links through searches on the site or by following you.

Another popular method of attracting visitors is through article marketing. The article you submit to an article site, such as HubPages, will have a link to the location of your choice listed in the author box. If the article is well-written and informative, not just a disguised sales page, it will attract attention. An exceptionally good article might even attract backlinks from other people’s sites. Others might post your article on a social site. They might also go directly through your link to your site where they could become loyal followers.

Commenting on other people’s blogs will help get your name out, although only among a handful of people at a time. When you comment on a blog, the blog owner will often follow the link in your comment and visit your site. If your site is relevant to the blog owner’s interests, the owner may become a regular follower. Others participating in the blog comment feed might also follow your link if, and only if, your comment adds something to the conversation.

Discussion boards or forums are a great way to connect within your niche. By contributing your time and knowledge to forum conversations, you will establish a name for yourself and encourage others to seek more of your expertise on your website. Naturally, if you are a spammer or promote yourself obsessively, you will rapidly earn a reputation as a self-seeking opportunist. You have to keep it real.

The clock is ticking. Use the above methods to start making a profit in Internet marketing. The ball is in your court. Make it count.

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