Create Your Blog To Stand Out Visually

With the advent of the World Wide Web, web logs became a rage as people used this global forum to air their views on different topics. It might not have been planned, but it led to the development of one of the most effective communication mediums on the Internet today, the world of blogging.

There are currently blogs on almost any topic imaginable. The large number of blogs online today requires that people work very hard on their blogs to make others take heed of them. The main emphasis of blogs should be posting well-written and informative articles. Hand in hand with content is a memorable and creative blog design.

A blog that is devoid of quality content does not serve much of a purpose. If you’re intent on attracting visitors and keeping the attention of those who visit for the first time, engaging and interesting content is crucial. Use pictures to enhance the content, not detract from it. Blogs that have attained a high level of success use a format that does not distract the readers with a lot of extra features unrelated to the content. Less is more.

Titles are the first thing that visitors notice; therefore, the title of the blogs and individual posts are important. Think about the wording of your title, what color and font it should be, and how it should be designed. The titles must be able to grab the viewer’s attention and lure them into the post. They should also be pleasing to the eye and welcoming to the readers.

For the majority of blogs, generating income through advertising is a necessary course of action. While this may be true, there is no need to allow the ads to completely dominate the visual aspect of your blog. Your readers should get the impression that your blog is designed for them first and foremost. If the ads are too big or plentiful, they can distract the reader from the articles.

Despite the amount of time people waste online, they seem to never have time to waste. Site visitors on average spend less then half a minute on any site unless there is strong motivation to stay. In order not to lose out on potential readers, make sure that your page does not test the patience of a surfer by taking too long to load. Do not go overboard on your graphics, videos, plug-ins, or other features, since they can slow down your page considerably. Your blog should also be compatible with all the major browsers to reach as many people as possible.

You should also focus on ease of navigation for readers of your blog. You want it to be simple for viewers to see what you have on your blog, especially when they access an article from a link or search engine instead of using your home page. That would only be possible if you have put in place an effective navigation design, such as useful links to popular or recent posts. Make use of the sidebar, heading tabs, and footers to maximize ease of navigation.

Consider the content and design of your site. Each component works with the other to establish a blog that is interesting and relevant. The ultimate desire is to give readers a comfortable atmosphere to discuss their favorite topics within the niche that you are focusing on. If you can give them that feeling and the content follows through, you will have gained a loyal readership.

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