Earning Profits From Blogging

Quitting their jobs and earning a respectable salary through part-time blogging is something nearly every blogger wants.  Most blogs don’t earn enough to support the blog hosting fees, much less support a person.  Nevertheless, a few bring in an impressive chunk of cash every month.  The way the blogger structures the financial aspects of the blog is often a determining factor for which blogs bring in the cash and which do not.  A lot can be learned by studying the proven money-making strategies of top blogs.

The money bloggers bring in usually comes from sponsors and companies that advertise on the blog.  Selling ad space to advertisers is one option.  A service called Google Adsense places ad links related to the page in select positions on the blogger’s site.  Adsense and other programs like it are favorites of many bloggers.  Google keeps a percentage of the earnings in an Adsense campaign, but bloggers who sell space directly to the marketers do not have to share their income.  Other advertising opportunities include in-text linking, Chitika, and Widgetbucks.

Bloggers can also join an affiliation program to earn additional revenue.  Under the rules of affiliate programs, bloggers earn an income when visitors buy a product through an onsite link.  The revenue calculated for each successful click of the link is a pre-determined percentage of the total sale value.  One such affiliate program is Clickbank.  There are many different affiliate products that span several different niches in Clickbank, which makes it an ideal place for all affiliate bloggers.

One strategy that often yields great dividends is for the blogger to develop a product that can only be purchased through the blog.  One such example is an ebook, which is the most prevalent kind of direct product available.  Ebooks, of course, must be high quality to sell well.  Any other product designed by the blogger or sold through the blog will work as well, including T-shirts, wall art, clothing, and homemade products.

To ensure that the blogs are a success, the content has to have a strong mass appeal.  The blogger may be able to charge for products or services if the information provided is of superior quality.  As membership goes up, a steady stream of income can be generated on a continual basis.  Having a high profile blog can also provide financial benefits and opportunities for the blogger.  Individuals who are considered experts in their fields within the blogging community will find that they are often being requested to perform various services outside the online world.  Many authors have earned book deals this way.

There is no disputing the fact that blogging can provide a blogger with a regular source of income.  The success of the blog is directly related to how much work the blogger is willing to put in.  In order to succeed, they will need to display sharp judgment and understand the best ways to promote their efforts online.  It might take several months before a blog goes from being ordinary to successful, but with the right perspective mixed with a healthy amount of passion, a blogger can turn his monthly trickle into a sizable income.

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