Facebook Delivers Huge Returns For Online Marketers

Since its inception, Facebook has rapidly transformed itself into a larger-than-life social networking phenomenon. Facebook was started back in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University as a way for students to keep up-to-date with campus activities and organizations. In the ensuing years, Facebook has become a major tool for online marketing.

Marketing has always been about figuring out innovative methods of getting a product or service in front of interested people. With its membership record of millions of members, Facebook is the ideal platform to promote a product. With its robust network and the efficiency of its communication tools, Facebook provides marketers with a direct means of connecting with prospective customers. Companies know that if they can get their product in front of one person, that product will actually be seen by hundreds, if not thousands more, as users share with those in their network.

Facebook is now available in countries across the globe and in several languages. There is no longer an exclusive Facebook age bracket, as the senior and teen groups are jumping on board. The broad and diverse collection of users makes Facebook an ideal location for marketers who want to reach out to the many untapped demographics.

There is also the added advantage that, unlike the ads which are aired on TV and over the radio, there is no time or financial constraint limiting how long or how well brands and products can be marketed. For any company, success in Facebook can be achieved by spending substantial time building a network. An involved and communicative business on Facebook will see better and faster results.

Though Facebook is a predominantly free account, online marketers can also invest in paid onsite advertisements. This gives companies the option of expanding their Facebook presence more rapidly as budgets allow.

Facebook’s social networking philosophy also offers companies the chance to add a personal touch in their online relationships with customers. Using interactive marketing techniques, namely chatting via Facebook, companies can receive feedback from different customers. Customers feel they have a hand in the decisions of the company as they comment on performance, products, ideas, and anything else that strikes their fancy.

Companies also get the chance to respond to queries posted by customers or clarify a matter through Facebook’s response feature. This open two-way communication channel helps to build mutual trust between the potential customer and the company, thus laying the foundation for a strong and loyal relationship.

Interaction with a responsive company has many financial perks for a company. Quick response by a company strengthens a potential customer’s belief in the quality of service he can expect from the company. This easily translates into stronger loyalty and those all important referrals that a company needs to grow.

It is fairly common for marketers to use Facebook as a method of generating traffic for their company website. Companies can quickly find like-minded groups in Facebook and build relationships. Attaching appealing offers and other incentives to status updates is an excellent method of attracting interested parties who in marketing terms are considered warm or pre-sold leads.

Companies can also build a general page that allows them to befriend others rather than simply gain “likes.” Generally, people sharing similar interests add like-minded friends to their groups or networks. Companies can seek out such groups that are likely to show an interest in their products of services.

Facebook is considered the most visited site in the country, surpassing even the daily hits of Google. The site is a goldmine that offers companies innumerable options to expand their sales strategies. The widespread reach of the site and its high multi-level marketing strategy through a network of connections offers companies the perfect opportunity to increase their online presence, customer base, and profit margins.

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