Getting Your Tweets Go Viral: Strategies For Getting Retweeted

Retweeting is one of the most effective methods of extending the reach of your tweets. Retweeting will distinguish your tweets from the millions of tweets circulating on the web each day. A retweet is when someone takes one of your Twitter posts and tweets it to their followers as well. Retweets give you the potential of getting your Twitter message out before millions of Twitter users.

Retweets require some work before the magic happens. First, you need an initial base of followers to whom you can tweet. Retweeting works both ways. In order to get your posts retweeted, you will have to retweet those of your followers. This doesn’t mean that you should tweet everything that you read online. Instead pick important and valid tweets. If you can build an online persona of responsibile retweeting, your followers will be even more likely to respect you and retweet the favor.

Considering the long term nature of your plan, it is best to avoid people who are not passionate about your ideas or appreciative of your tweets. If you’re going to be tweeting about classic cars, then relying on wine connoisseurs for retweets might not be a very good idea. If, however, they share your views and passions, you have a greater chance of being retweeted.

The challenge with Twitter is that each tweet is only allowed 140 characters. Each word needs to be carefully chosen. Avoid wasting too much room with excessive hash marks, confusing abbreviations, and long links. Misspelled words are a waste of space. Check over your post before submitting. You can draw even more emphasis and online attraction to your tweets by building them around popular keywords that surfers are likely to search. It certainly helps if they are interesting.

Lastly, since your message is intended for a retweet, you should leave enough room for the inclusion of your twitter details, such as your twitter code and name. An easy way of ensuring this is to lower your character limit to 120 characters.

When you post your tweets is relevant as well. Timing will determine how many of your followers see your tweets. Try to tweet when you find most of your followers are active. Middle of the night tweets may land on sleeping ears, so those 2 a.m. tweets are not a good use of twitter time. No, neither is 5 a.m. if your followers are night owls. If your dynamic tweets gets bumped with no response, tweet it again later. Don’t repost excessively or you may be cited for spam.

Popular topics in the media are a great way to get retweeted. Look for hashmark codes related to a trendy topic and join in a conversation. If what you have to say is poignant, you may well have earned yourself a retweet.

A huge chunk of the tweets online are just plain dull. Avoid being boring at all costs. There is no tweeting law that prevents you from talking about the color of your toothbrush or the size of the steak that you had for lunch. Understand, however, that, unless you make it a laugh-out-loud post, it’s pretty much a dead-in-the-water tweet.

The only time when people get away with talking about ordinary things is when they are famous. While fame is probably not something you have been gifted with, you do have your own unique personality. Are you super-smart, funny, encouraging, or totally off-the-wall? Those are good qualities. Use them.

Though getting a tweet retweeted requires a bit of effort, it is definitely worth the trouble. Your 140 characters could be your ticket to Twitter success.

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