How Can Article Marketing Increase Your Online Business?

If you are new to online marketing, you are working hard to establish yourself as an expert in the field.  It is possible that you are feeling swamped by all the information that is available on SEO or search engine optimization.  You may also be struggling to begin an effective linking campaign or to increase traffic to your site or newsletter opt-in.  There is a marketing tactic that will help you with each of these endeavors.  The method is called article marketing.

Submitting articles to submission sites can improve your search engine ranking.  The better article sites and some quality niche sights have strong standing within search engines as authority sites.  Your article on a submission site links back to your own site through the author box.  Search engines can detect such links.  The backlink you receive from placing an article on the site will add rank to your page.

If you work to write an exceptional article that will still be relevant years from now, it could continue to benefit you even more over time.  This will give more people the opportunity to link to your article for their own use, although it will also benefit the ranking of your article.  A great article will produce a powerful outcome in search engines.

While search engines are focusing more on sites that have stellar content, some still rank article sites quite high.  In that case, your article would show up higher than your site on the search engines.  People who see your article on the search engine will be exposed to your link.

In many cases, people who read your article and find it helpful and informative, will want to know more about you and what you have to offer, and will click on the link to your website.  That gives you what every online marketer covets, free traffic.  Since your articles are going to cover topics that are relevant to your specific niche, any visitors that read your article and come to your site will already have an interest in your product or service.  If these visitors like what they see, chances are they will keep coming back to see what new information you have.  This is where the money is.

By writing consistently about your topic and its related subtopics, you will begin to establish yourself as an expert in the field.  Expert status develops trust in the general demographic you are targeting.  Publish an abundant number of articles to gain name recognition within your niche.  The articles must be well-done to be successful.  If you fill article sites and niche sites with articles laden with errors and fluff, your efforts will be counter-productive.
The benefits continue.

Your article can serve as a pre-sell to whatever product, service, or idea you promote on your site.  By the time readers reach your site, they have already made a conscientious decision to become at least partially involved with the information you are presenting.  At this point, it’s up to you to convert that willing visitor into a customer.  Getting more visitors to become customers has never been easier.  To make it even easier to build a subscriber list from article submissions, you can link the author box to a newsletter or site subscription form.

There are some great advantages to article marketing.  The cost to utilize this marketing strategy is only the time it takes to write the articles.  The longterm benefits of a timeless online article will far surpass the effort involved in publishing.

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