Why You Should Add Videos To Your Internet Marketing Efforts

The trend in online marketing is videos. They are becoming an extremely powerful marketing technique. If you’re looking to kick your marketing efforts up a notch or two, consider putting a video on your sales page or company site. The benefits speak for themselves.

Ever since the dawn of “moving pictures,” people have found videos hard to resist. There is no better way to grab the attention of a visitor. To some people, long sales pages can be a turnoff if they are not instantly compelled to stick around. But if the total amount of effort they need to exert is clicking on play, visitors are more likely to stick around long enough to learn why they need your product or service.

A site with a video on it will gain more attention. With competition becoming fierce, it is important to seek every advantage so you can get your message out more effectively. A video is the tool to make that happen. Videos add a level of credibility that many sites do not have. People who build throw-away sites are unlikely to spend time creating a professional looking video.

A lengthy page full of information is a turn-off to visitors, no matter how informative it may be. Reading requires a level of effort most people are not willing to exert. They prefer to receive the maximum amount of information with a minimum level of work. The video fits the bill perfectly. While other sites are dragging readers through pages of dull text, you will be rapidly delivering the highlights of your organization. Product videos let the audience see firsthand how the item works. Another benefit to the video is that it can show how a service or software functions, which is much easier to understand visually than through text. All this can take place in as little as 30 seconds. Most visitors are willing to give your site that much of their time.

A video can help your site connect with future clients and customers. Use a video to introduce yourself. This presents you as a real person rather than a cold corporate entity.

By showing your product on the screen, you will prove to viewers that you are believable. They can literally see the product doing what you said it would do. It’s almost like testing it out at home.

Modern videos also allow marketers to demonstrate how a computer program works through screen captures. This adds yet another dimension of believability to the business. Such videos begin to develop brand and company loyalty. That person is more likely to purchase or enroll.

A good strategy would be to have videos that compliment the existing text. They are a good option for people who don’t want to take the time to read a long sales letter. This may be exactly what you need to move your business beyond its current position.

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